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Homeowners in countryside villages and towns could be given cash payments to offset disruptive developments in their communities, the government has stated.

Ministers’ concern has grown that people who are affected by unwanted housing developments near their houses are not be adequately compensated. It could allay residents’ frustration when they feel planning permission is being granted for a building project that they oppose.

Theresa May is said to be personally interested in the idea as it fits with her drive to create an economy that works for everyone.

The scheme would follow the blueprint of a similar one annoyed over the weekend to give money directly to households that are affected by fracking.

Ministers and civil servants in the Communities Department are reviewing the Community Infrastructure Levy, a charged which is placed on councils on development that have more than 100 square metres of floor space. They are now also considering whether some of the money raised by this charger should be handed to homeowners and local services.

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A government source had this to say about the plans: “One of the things we’re interested in is if we can get a better linkage between a community agreeing to take certain kinds of development and actually then getting money to spend on improving their local area in return.

“Let’s say you’re a village and you accept a significant housing development on the edge of the village, at the moment you might not see very much of the money that comes in from that development at all. It might be sent elsewhere in the district.”

When asked if households could be given cash payment directly, the source said: “Absolutely there is some thinking about what mechanisms can you come up with that ensure that the people affected by development actually see the benefit of that development.”

The new idea could help the Government hit their targets for house building while keeping the communities affected on their side in the coming year. However, there were concerns that communities were becoming less able to veto planning applications under the former chancellor, George Osborne, as he changes rules to encourage more new houses.

Environmental charities slammed the Tories last year for planning rule changes and warned that the free belt was under threat despite an election manifesto that promised it would be protected.

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