Don’t Delay Reviewing Your Mortgage – Remortgaging Tips

Since we established in 2000, Bright Advice have grown an enviable reputation for finding clients the right mortgage. As part of the UK’s largest financial services network, we are ideally placed to access the whole of the mortgage market and exclusive schemes not ordinarily available on the High St. We’re great at getting you the right mortgage, but we don’t stop there…

Today we are discussing remortgaging and our top tip is… Don’t delay reviewing your mortgage

Remortgaging can make sense for a number of reasons, but the main reason is that it could save you a lot of money. Regularly reviewing your mortgage is our top tip. It’s always best to know what all your options are and we are here to help you.

Our aim at Bright Advice is to support you throughout life’s financial journey. Helping our clients reduce their debt is one of the key elements of our philosophy. A mortgage is likely to be your biggest financial commitment throughout your lifetime, so timely reminders from Bright Advice to review your mortgage could help you to make significant savings.

Note in the diagram highlighting the stages of our philosophy, point 1: Reduce Your Debt, top of that list, Mortgage Repayments. This is why it is essential to review your mortgage with Bright Advice on a regular basis.


Strict new rules were a game changer

The collapse of the housing market and homebuyers’ inability to keep up with their mortgage payments, were among the major triggers of the worldwide economic crisis. Not surprisingly, lenders are now much more careful about who they give out loans to and mortgages are the biggest loans that they make. The regulator is even warier and intervened in April 2014 by laying down strict new rules about how lenders must check a borrower can afford the mortgage.

Bright Advice understood responsible lending long before the rules changed

Many things have changed but Bright Advice have not. We have long been a supporter of responsible lending, making sure our clients are best protected and can afford the mortgage they take out, and so the way in which lenders thoroughly check a client’s ability to afford a mortgage is what we are already used to. This places us in the best position to give you the right advice and support you through your remortgage application.

We’ve always worked for you

Firstly we worked on your behalf to find you the right mortgage and the best deal. As your financial adviser we continue to work for you, taking the weight of your remortgage application, using our expertise to strengthen your chances of getting the right mortgage, and ultimately reducing your debt and increasing your wealth.

Our vision is to become your most trusted provider of financial advice. Call us today on 0800 6 888 222 to review your mortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.