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Are you ready for some scary and possibly hard to face facts? I am writing this purely in the interest of helping people to understand more about the number of people that will be affected by cancer, in the hope that they will understand more about the importance of talking to insurance protection specialists. And just as importantly, Insurance protection specialists need to read the figures too!

Here are the facts

  • The likelihood of people getting cancer at some point in their life is now 1 in 3.
  • Only 38% of people are aware of the previous figure.
  • There are more than 200 types of cancer.
  • Only 19% of people are aware of the previous figure.
  • 72% of people said that if they were diagnosed with cancer they would want their family to be protected financially.
  • Despite the previous figure, only 12% of people have cover in place.
  • 4 in 5 people living with cancer are on average ¬£570 a month worse off as a result of their illness.

Have you ever considered talking to insurance protection specialists?

One thing we all whole heartily agree on is that cancer is awful and we want a cure for all types of it. Of course we do! Perhaps this will not happen in most people’s lifetime though, if at all.

Insurance advisers are helping to bring awareness to the figures.

So much is said about bringing awareness to the disease. Awareness helps people to discover or catch the disease early enough to begin treatment which increases the possibility of beating it. This is without a doubt the right thing to do! However, should we also be bringing awareness to the opportunities people have to protect their family and loved ones financially if they fall ill to cancer? I believe so.

I don’t believe it is right to continually tell people they should be protecting themselves against the worst. I simply believe that making clients aware of the facts means that an insurance adviser is doing his or her job the best that they can. It’s also a gentle reminder that what insurance advisers do for a living is actually a very good thing. A very good thing indeed! Maybe everyone who knows the above figures should share them whether they are an adviser or not. After all, awareness is the key. The trouble is, we like to ignore things that do not make us happy. Morcambe and Wise said “Bring me sunshine”. They didn’t say “Bring me bad news”. Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news.

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