Insuring your pet and not yourself? Life insurance companies

This is an interesting one. And before we delve into it any further let’s just get a few things straight. I myself am a dog lover and cherish pets as much as the next person if not more. However, I was astonished recently when I came across an article that informed me of the fact that twice as many Britons have pet insurance as have life insurance. Life insurance companies have long known this statistic. It was recently revealed that only 12% of us here in the UK have critical life insurance and 21% have pet insurance. Astonished? Read on!

21% of people insuring pets is low in itself. If we truly are a nation of animal lovers these figures do not exactly reflect that and merely this statistic only looks improved alongside the number of people who have critical life insurance with life insurance companies in the UK. Pets or human family, these figures are low, but the fact that only 12% of Britons have critical illness cover only frightens me more. Is this financially reflective of what we see as important? We have an opportunity to protect what we see as important, yet we don’t. And a much deeper question awaits, just how important are our families should the worst happen to us? Do we only spend our money where we see we need to? The more I think about this, the more I am astonished at the figures and it appears more and more likely to me that contacting life insurance companies is one of those things that most people say ‘I will get around to one day’ or ‘I can’t afford it’. It’s certainly not top of our list is it. Comparing again, a pet will cost you money if it falls ill, this is a certainty. If we fall ill and we are not protected, it will cost us money. This again is a certainty. But if we fall critically ill, what price our family and our children’s future?

I for one have always been a fan of the saying ‘you only live once, but if you do it right!.. You only need to live once.’ But surely in doing it right, we should be protecting the ones we love. So I ask you this simple question. Is there anything you will do on this earth that is more important than protecting your family? Put like that it seems more obvious doesn’t it! We are a caring and loving nation, yet 12% of people with life insurance is not entirely reflective of that. So I conclude that it is true. Most of us only spend what we need to spend and we don’t see this as important. There’s now’t as strange as folk!

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