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We sat down with one of our advisers, Mark Edwards, to ask him a number of questions about the mortgage market.

What impact do you think Brexit has had and will have in the future?

I think it’s a waiting game, as a mortgage adviser the main aspect that we look at is the possibility of rate and criteria changes. So far little has changed, so we will see what happens when Article 50 is finally triggered.

One change the lenders may have to make is that if we have a situation where ageing ex-pats are returning to Britain, they may have to be more flexible with their approach to mortgages into retirement regards to age limits and maybe a return to some limited Interest Only products.

What big changes do you think your clients have faced since MMR and how have you been able to help them?

The biggest change since MMR for the customer is that they have to provide far more information prior to putting a mortgage application forward. At Bright, we work hard with our clients via our “action centre” technology to gather the required information well in advance of the application, to ensure that although the preparation work is greater, the process thereafter is smooth and simple resulting in speedy mortgage offers.

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As a Senior Adviser at Bright Advice, what changes have you seen at the company since you started?

From a personal point of view, the biggest change is that I now work from home rather than being Estate Agency based.

In the ten years, I have been employed by Bright I cant remember a time where there haven’t been changes, as the highly regulated industry that we are in makes sure of that!

The “highlights” have been changing networks from PTFS to Intrinsic. Our relationship with Lifetime, MMR, and currently our new sales process

What do like about working with Bright Advice?

I have worked with the majority of  both the Advisers and Admin Team for a long time, and its good to work for a company where everyone is generally wanting everyone else to succeed

It is great to have the be able to work flexible hours, although it takes discipline to make it work

Over the years we have had some brilliant social occasions, I must admit some of them are pretty hard to remember, though….must be my age!

How important to you think it is for clients to regularly review their mortgage?

This is now the most important aspect of the job for me as I only deal with existing clients and referrals

As I am keeping in touch with the client more often I am finding that it is really building trust and credibility. It’s amazing even when I speak to clients on an annual basis, their circumstances have generally changed in some way

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