What Are The Rightmove Tools & How Can We Use Them?

If you didn’t already know, Rightmove is one of the UK’s largest online estate agency and property website. It is not only an essential property portal, but it also offers guidelines, resources and quick links offering you helpful advice based on where you can live, removals services, property planning, mortgages and buy-to-let investors etc. all in one website. As a mortgage adviser Cambridge and Bedfordshire, we would highly recommend Rightmove as a reliable source of information for all of these topics you need advice on!

Mortgage Advisor Cambridge

Mortgage Adviser Cambridge

Rightmove is one of the top ten most-searched websites in the UK, which is probably because of the number of ways you can search for a home! Not only do you have access to the large selection of properties and guides on Rightmove, but there are a number of unique and helpful tools you can use to your advantage when on the website. If you haven’t already spotted them, here are just a few of Rightmove’s most popular online features…


Using the variety of different calculators on the website, you can swiftly discover how much money you can borrow, plan for monthly mortgage payments and work out property affordability. This tool is so helpful, as it allows you to work out your budgets and plan accurately, with the help of a professional, saving you the time and stress of working it out all by yourself. After all, mortgages themselves can be quite hard to understand sometimes, so Rightmove’s mortgage calculator could assist in making the process a whole lot easier. 

As a mortgage adviser in Cambridge and Bedfordshire, we understand how confusing mortgages can be, however, this Rightmove tool turns something confusing into something completely understandable – it can be a great help for you!


Like most companies have, Rightmove has its own functional app that you can use on both Android, Apple and tablet devices. Due to the combination of both Rightmove’s popularity and the high demand in brand applications, it’s only essential for Rightmove to have their own working app. The mobile-friendly website offers the same as what a computer website would, it’s just optimised to work efficiently and interactively on a mobile or tablet device too!

Price Comparison Report

If you are thinking of selling your current home, it’s important you get an accurate, trustworthy valuation or some sort of report to help get you started. After all, it’s no use you just wandering around your home calculating how much your house is worth – it probably won’t be as accurate as a professionals perspective. Let Rightmove help you with a price comparison report. Simply enter your postcode and your desired property types, number of beds and location range, and it will provide you with similar properties that will help you compare prices and find an efficient worth.

You can also use this tool to work out a few other things as well. For instance, to compare prices in your dream location, to find out the situation in your area’s property market and to compare the price with your estate agent’s valuation, to help you identify a professional, good quality agency.

Draw a Search

Mortgage Advisor Cambridge

Mortgage Adviser Cambridge

This extremely cool map tool will help Rightmove understand your desired location range in a significantly more detailed way. Simply draw your very own search area, adding wanted facilities such as schools, parks and transportation links, and Rightmove will save that information, combined with your specific requirements on price and other factors, then notify you when a perfect property comes onto the market. This allows property hunters to not worry about missing out on any properties, saving the wasted time of going on the website daily to check. It makes Rightmove a highly reliable system.

School Checker

Pretty self-explanatory – find the right home near the right school. Regardless if you are looking for a home near a specific school or looking for a home close-by to a school any child can attend, you can use Rightmove’s School Checker tool, which gives you access to admissions criteria and academic inspection reports for primary and secondary schools across the UK. Also including Ofsted reviews and ratings, you can ensure your children can attend a top quality school when you move home.

Keyword Sort

This tool allows you to completely personalise your own search. It communicates your specific details and prioritising features that your dream home requires, then Rightmove will put them at the top of your search results. It’s essentially the ‘search engine’ of Rightmove’s website, and whether or not you identify the needs and wants of your new home, this tool can help you find properties perfect for you. Furthermore, if you need an easy search for homes as basic as a remote country home with a big garden and conservatory, or you fancy a property such as a castle with three floors and a swimming pool, Rightmove’s keyword sort can help identify the perfect property for you, or even something similar if the result isn’t possible.

House Price Trendometer

Mortgage Advisor Cambridge

Mortgage Adviser Cambridge

Using a Trendometer, you can have access to 15 years of real, accurate data which allows you to keep track of how house prices have changed over time. This handy tool can help determine your decision on the location and time of your move if your budget is your main priority. It’s also useful for those who are generally interested in the house price history of a specific location range.

Instant Alerts With A Free Account

By signing up for a free account with Rightmove, you have the ability to save your Draw a Search data, as well as your searches by area, price and other specifications. An email alert will immediately be one to you as soon as a property matching your saved requirements hit the market. This system is extremely helpful, and as we said earlier, it stops you from worrying about missing out on properties that could be perfect for you and your household.

Happy at Home Survey

Every year Rightmove conducts a public survey that determines the happiest place to live in the UK that year. The survey is conducted into 13 categories, including space, value, safety and amenities etc. that allows you to find out in more detail what areas of the UK are the happiest regions to live in. This is a great idea for a household that is generally unhappy at their current home and/or cannot decide where to move to next.

Mortgage Adviser Cambridge…

Here at Bright Advice, we support Rightmove thoroughly and would recommend it to anyone looking for any of these tools above – they can seriously help you and make the process easier and quicker for you and your moving household.

Additionally, as mortgage advisers in Cambridgeshire, Bright Advice is a friendly team that can offer you suitable advice on the mortgage market. Let us help you, get in contact with us today on 0800 6 888 222

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